photo vignette

my dad cooking at some food
my pa killing that cooking game. unseen in the photo, my ma making sure she gets credit for the salsas.

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I'm an educator, qualitative researcher, and PhD student. ​My educational and scholarly interests center the rhetorical and composing processes of students of color, particularly brown students at the border. Educational and public institutions oftentimes overlook the needs of these students. In fact, these institutions may work against their well-being to mold them into "productive citizens," that is, a little closer to whiteness. Nevertheless, I realize how institutional mechanisms that impact brown students also impact other minoritized individuals and vice versa. To better understand these dynamics, I relocated to Fort Worth to study at TCU since it offers a site to understand racial dynamics and impact in a racially diverse metroplex. In addition, this metroplex and program kept me close to family.

At the moment, I research border patrol checkpoints as sites of public instruction and public rhetoric that educates individuals on citizenship and criminality. In the college classroom, I created and am currently teaching a course titled "Latinax Rhetorics," where I center the composing and rhetorical processes of brown students. Previously teaching at a community college, the transition to a white institution has developed my ability to educate white students on issues relevant to Latinxs. To expand on classroom practice, I have also engaged (and have forthcoming web-based publication) digital maps, coding theories, and digital composing to refigure classroom learning outcomes to move against whiteness and toward a linguistic approach that decenters Standardized English.

In the future, I aim to continue work as an educator and researcher in a post-secondary setting where I will prioritize the needs of minoritized students.

josé luis cano jr.